Oxkem is one of the leading chemical manufacturing companies based in the UK, as well as a leading European (EU) chemical manufacturer and exporter.

Oxkem manufactures a wide range of both organic and inorganic metal salts at our UK facility. We are one of the largest producers and manufacturers of Chromium III Speciality chemicals in the world. In addition we produce compounds based on Aluminium, Copper, Indium, Lithium, Manganese, Tin, Vanadium, Zinc, Zirconium and a full range of rare earths.

Oxkem exports chemicals to more than 40 countries throughout the world, including EU countries. Our experienced staff ensure that our customers' orders, delivery schedules and transport requirements are met.

Our manufacturing site in Reading, England is equipped with glass lined and titanium reactors from 100 litres up to 15,000 litres as well as stainless steel and glass reinforced plastic mixing vessels.

We are always happy to discuss the manufacture of new products. Please contact us about your processing requirements - Telephone +44 (0) 118 952 2929 or email: info@oxkem.com or complete the enquiry form.

Oxkem Analytical Laboratory

Our own Analytical Laboratory can help you with any analytical work that you need. We are totally independent and provide a comprehensive range of analtical services. Click here to go to the Laboratory page.

Contact our laboratory today on + 44 (0) 118 952 2929 or email: lab@oxkem.co.uk

Chromium compounds and Trivalent Chrome

Oxkem manufactures a wide range of Chromium compounds including Chromium Chloride and Chromium Nitrate for sale and export. All our Chromium chemicals are produced through the reduction of high purity Chromium Trioxide in glass lined and titanium reactors. Oxkem’s products are manufactured to an extremely high purity with careful quality control at all stages of the process.

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Oxkem is a major manufacturer of Zirconium. The company produces and exports a wide range of high purity reactive Zirconium compounds. These materials are used extensively in a large variety of applications including catalysis, surface treatment, paper and board industry, textile waterproofing and for general cross-linking.

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Oxkem manufactures a range of Vanadium salts which are used in catalysis, batteries, surface treatment and corrosion resistance. These products are supplied as high purity solutions and are produced at our state of the art factory in Reading, England. These products include Vanadium Electrolyte.

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