Zirconium compounds

OXKEM is a world-leading manufacturer and exporter of Zirconium

Zirconium containing ores were first identified in 1789 as ‘unknown earths’ from Sri Lanka. The first crude metal was produced in 1824, however it was not until 1925 that high purity Zirconium was first manufactured.

Zirconium is a highly reactive metal that appears passive because, in air, it forms a highly stable protective oxide film.

Oxkem produces a wide range of high purity reactive Zirconium compounds. These materials are used extensively in a large variety of applications including catalysis, surface treatment, paper and board industry, textile waterproofing and for general cross-linking.

Most of the chemicals are supplied, as solution in water and Oxkem is able to adjust the specification to meet customers’ specific requirements. These solutions contain polymeric chains linked by hydroxyl bridges and can be supplied with differing anion concentrations. Oxkem is able to manufacture Zirconium Alpha Hydroxy Carboxylic Acid Chelates which are widely used to aide polymerization and cross-linking.


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Zirconium Nitrate 20%

Zirconium Nitrate 25%

Zirconium Acetate

Zirconium Potasium Hexafluoride

Zirconium Oxychloride*

Zirconium Lactate*

Zirconium Potassium Lactate*

Zirconium Sulphate*

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