Aluminium High Purity Bond Oxbond L25

Oxbond Liquid 25 is a high-purity aluminium hydroxy-chloride binder, used in high-purity, high
temperature refractories and kiln furniture.

Oxbond Liquid 25 is recommended for use with aluminas, alumino-silicates, mullites and silicon

The Bond is designed for use with refractory mixes in which a percentage of free Al2O3 is desirable.
This alumina is usually in the form of a clay-type plasticiser with which the Oxbond Liquid
25 will combine and form an effective heat setting bond.

Advantages of using Oxbond Liquid 25
• The percentage of clay can be minimised
• The refractories will be consistent in shape and can be specified to closer tolerances
• Refractory wear by molten glass or steel will be even throughout
• The bond is a clear solution and can be metered
• After firing, bond residue is 99.7% Al2O3

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