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Please note that Oxkem can also manufacture a wide range of bespoke products. If you have a product that you would like us to look at please contact us by telephoning (from the UK) 0118 952 2929 or (from overseas) +44 118 952 2929 or click here to access our enquiry form.

Where a product is marked * please contact us for details and specifications.


Chromium Products

Chromium Acetates

Chromium Acetate High Acetate*

Chromium Acetate

Chromium Hydroxy Acetate

Chromium Acetate powder

Chromium Acetate Basic Powder

Chromium Chlorides

Chromium Chloride

Chromium Hydroxy Chloride

Chromium Hydroxy Chloride Powder

Chromium Citrates

Chromium Citrate Solution

Chromium Citrate Neutral

Chromium Nitrates

Chromium Nitrate 35%

Chromium Nitrate 40%

Chromium Nitrate 74%

Chromium Hydroxy Nitrate

Chromium Oxalate

Chromium Oxalate

Chromium Phosphates

Chromium Phosphate

Chromium Hydroxy Phosphate

Chromium Sulphates

Chromium Sulphate Solution 8.5%

Chromium Sulphate 40%

Chromium Hydroxy Sulphate

Chromium Fluoride

Chromium Gycollate

Chromium Hydroxy Chloro Carboxylic Acid Complexes*

Chrome Alum


Zirconium Nitrate 20%

Zirconium Nitrate 25%

Zirconium Acetate

Zirconium Potassium Hexafluoride

Zirconium Oxy Chloride*

Zirconium Lactate*

Zirconium Potassium Lactate*

Zirconium Sulphate*

Zirconium Chelates*

Zirconium Potassium*


Vanadium Oxysulphate*

Vanadium III Sulphate

Vanadium electrolytic solutions

Vanadium Electrolyte

Vanadium Oxalate

Sodium Vanadate*

Other Products


Aluminium Triformate

Aluminium HiPurity Bond Oxbond L25

Aluminium HiPurity Bond Oxbond S38

Aluminium Hydroxy Chloride 50%

Cerium Nitrate*


Indium Hydroxide

Indium Nitrate

Indium Sulphate

Indium Chloride

Indium Oxide


Iron Nitrate Solution

Iron Sulphate Mono (Coarse)

Iron Sulphate Mono (Standard)

Manganese Acetate*

Manganese Nitrate*

Magnesium Grains

Zinc Nitrate

2, 2, Dipyridyl*

Chloral Hydrate*

Malonic Acid*


Osmium Tetroxide*


Ruthenium Carbonyl*

Ruthenium Chloride*