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Please note that Oxkem can also manufacture a wide range of bespoke products. If you have a product that you would like us to look at please contact us by telephoning (from the UK) 0118 952 2929 or (from overseas) +44 118 952 2929 or click here to access our enquiry form.

Where a product is marked * please contact us for details and specifications.


Aluminium Triformate

Aluminium HiPurity Bond Oxbond L25

Aluminium HiPurity Bond Oxbond S38

Aluminium Hydroxy Chloride 50%

Cerium Nitrate*


Indium Hydroxide

Indium Nitrate

Indium Sulphate

Indium Chloride

Indium Oxide


Iron Nitrate Solution

Iron Sulphate Mono (Coarse)

Iron Sulphate Mono (Standard)

Manganese Nitrate*

Magnesium Grains

Zinc Nitrate

2, 2, Dipyridyl*

Chloral Hydrate*

Malonic Acid*


Osmium Tetroxide*

Osmium Carbonyl*


Ruthenium Carbonyl*

Ruthenium Chloride*